Time management

There’s no such thing as “time management” – the “time management” that would help you to reduce in half the amount of time you’re supposed to put in to get the job done. Forget about it, it does not exist. To get any significant job done, you’ll need to put in a lot of effort, a lot of hard work, a lot of time.

Don’t have enough time? Then sleep less. That’s the most practical “time management” skill you can practice. Don’t feel like you’re ready to sacrifice your sleep? Then accept your limit, give up! It’s ok to make the choice that’s best for you. Just don’t have an illusion that there’s a magic “time management” out there somewhere to manage your way out of difficult challenges in a short time. When you’ve fully gasped this concept and stopped wasting time looking for a “gold mine – time management” that never exists, then you can check out some time management concepts, such as prioritization, focus, delegation…which you might very well already know but never trust since they had not cut the time in half as you’d expected. In short, to reach any significant achievements, you need to invest in a lof of hard work, dedication and time. There’s no way around that.


To me, MBA admission is significant, MBA financial aid is more significant, finding a job after MBA is even more… and the list goes on, so as the time you need to invest in to achieve them.


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